Java Applets: Interactive Programming


The purpose of this assignment is



  1. Start with the template for designing each area:

  2. Download the ball images to use (Right-click and save-as, then import in to Eclipse):

  3. Add events such that:

  4. Add events for the button such that it checks to see if the user's selection matches the randomly selected order of colors.
    Notice the method pickRandomVals randomly selects the colors for each option...
    rand1 is for the first checkbox, rand2 for the second, rand3 for the third.
    To make it easier, reference the int variables declared at the top RED, GREEN and BLUE.
    The results of the random are printed to the console window to make it easier for you to test.
    Leave the System.out.println in your code when you hand it in to make it easier to grade!
  5. When the button is clicked and the user's selections matches the randomly selected values, display a JFrame with a large label declaring WINNER in yellow text and blue background.

    If the user's selections do NOT match the randomly selected values, you need to display in the status JLabel "Nope! Try again!"

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