Java Applets: Interactive Programming


The purpose of this assignment is


  1. You need to write a Java program that produces a GUI that represents a library things.

    Note the number of items in the list and drop-down box.

  2. The GUI has the following information:
    1. The title ("Favorite Movies") -- add your name so that it's similar to "Liz's Favorite Movies"
    2. Label for Best Directors   (JLabel)
    3. 4 directors in the drop-down list   (JComboBox)
    4. Label for Best Martial Arts   (JLabel)
    5. 6 martial arts movies in the drop-down list   (JComboBox)
    6. Label for All time favorite   (JLabel)
    7. A non-editable JTextField with your favorite movie (stretched to fill even with combo boxes)   (JTextField)
    8. Label for Best Overall   (JLabel)
    9. at least 7 items in the list (multi-select)   (JList)

    10. Label for preference   (JLabel)
    11. 3 radio buttons for types: comedy, drama, horror   (JRadioButton and ButtonGroup)
    12. favorite quote   (JTextArea)
      You must have the text shown on multiple lines (use \n)
      Quotes must be within double-quotes (use \")
    13. To Do Label   (JLabel)
    14. 3 To Do checkboxes
      Must be black background and cyan foreground colors   (JCheckbox)

  3. For this assignment, the items above merely need to appear on the GUI, the buttons don't need to do anything.
    A later assignment will implement the Components so that the user can interact with it.

  4. Be aware that the layout of the GUI is an important part of this assignment.
    It should look very close to what I have here.

  5. Be sure to change the width and height dimensions of the applet to 750 by 300
  6. To get you started, use the outline to help you set up your code. Be sure to declare your variables at the top and not inside methods.
    You don't have to use this, but if you need help getting started, this might help.
    If you do NOT use this outline, make sure you have several methods in your program (e.g., you should not have all your code stuffed into the init() method)

  7. You MUST use BorderLayout, GridLayout, and FlowLayout.
    You may NOT use GridBagLayout or any other layout managers for this assignment.
    i.e., I want you to understand these layouts specifically
  8. The size of the text of the title should match closely to mine.
  9. If you stretch out the Applet, the textArea should grow as well.
  10. When you are satisfied that your GUI compiles and runs correctly, submit the file

What To Electronically Submit:

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